CND Pro Series L&P Round # 6

Part #

 Liquid & Powder Round #6
Medium round taper brush head

Before Using:
• Remove gum coating (used to protect brush
during shipping) using a fiber-free disposable
towel to spread hairs and gently break stiffness;
rock hairs from side to side until coating is free
from brush.
• Pour monomer into dappen dish. Submerge brush
and apply firm pressure to spread hairs. Rock
brush from side to side, coating each hair. This
will assure full wetting and eliminate air between
hairs, which could lead to trapped bubbles in the
sculpting bead.
• Visit for complete Step-by-Step

Store horizontally in a sculpting brush case
with a solvent resistant liner, or in a drawer
designated for sculpting brushes, lined with a
disposable lint-free towel.