FACE IT Face Cloth Single Pack BLACK

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Face It is a heart-shaped facecloth designed to completely remove your makeup and thoroughly cleanse your face and neck in one simple step. Its adorably convenient heart-shaped pockets enable you to control the desired pressure of moving your hands in an upwards circular motion, which lightly massages and gently exfoliates your skin. Used daily morning and night, the facecloth can help prevent signs of premature aging, while helping promote cellular renewal.

Face It—The Two of You Will Get Along Just Fine:

Face It is a pleasure to use. Just follow these three steps!
Step 1: Pass Face It under water and wring out the excess. If desired, apply cleansing lotion to your face.
Step 2: Slide hands into heart-shaped pockets.
Step 3: Use upward circular motions to wash your face and neck.

Caring for Your Face It:

Wash with mild detergent in warm water before first usage.
After each usage, hand wash Face It with soap and warm water, then allow to dry on complementary suction hook.
After consecutive uses, machine wash and tumble dry low only.
Do not use chlorine, bleach detergent or fabric softener.