REFECTOCIL Eyebrow Wax Bands (30 strip)

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Perfectly shaved and colored eyebrows in just 2 steps!

Well-drawn eyebrows catch the eye, no matter the look! They create the frame of the face, give it a structure and reflect the style of each. Although thick eyebrows are the most fashionable, they also need to be shaped.

Most of the time the eyebrows are removed with the forceps ... a method which requires a lot of time and whose result is not guaranteed. With RefectoCil eyebrow strips, you only need 2 minutes to create breathtaking, perfectly shaped eyebrows:
Patented wax strips adapt to all types of eyebrows.
Perfect proportions: 2/3 ascending, 1/3 descending, created an optical lifting effect
Hair removal & Staining in 2 steps: the strips serve as support during simultaneous staining
The most difficult hairs are removed to the root.

Tips: Isolated very short hairs will remain. Thanks to the wax, they will already be relaxed and can be removed easily with the pliers.